Vote Yes For Scotland

Vote Yes for Scotland

Is it a Yes or No?

Or do you not know?

Well to help you decide

I’m here to provide

A simple aside,

That works as a guide

To help you vote Yes for Scotland


Vote Yes For Scotland

As we see Labour and the Tories align

In trying to stop Scotland shine,

That should tell us it’s time

To embrace that thought crime;

Of a fairer society

That embraces variety,

With no need for austerity

And uses our own currency.

They’ll use induction, that hex,

Your inferiority complex;

That tells us we’re too wee

Of all the things we cannot be,

And that we cannae see

Our right to be free.

So that we’re left to plea

For the oil in our sea,

They claim we’re Better Together

With this lot? Never!

So vote Yes for Scotland


Vote Yes For Scotland

Like birds of a feather,

Here’s Better Together

With a hypocritical smear

Trying to build on the fear

Of a future that’s unclear.

Well, let’s see here,

How about Scotland

As a subsidiary of England,

Without its devolution

Or free University tuition,

A privatised NHS

And that costly Trident mess,

No affordable housing plans

Our oil in Westminster hands.

So, no sovereign wealth fund,

Agriculture, neglected, moribund

And you still won’t vote Yes for Scotland?


Vote Yes for Scotland

Or perhaps you should vote No?

And give these Tory bastards another go,

Entrust our education to Gove and Co.

Expand Hunt’s NHS overthrow,

Keep policies like the Bedroom tax,

Designed, maliciously, without facts.

Like Ian Duncan Smith’s attacks

On the unemployed, the new blacks.

Maggie Thatcher may be dead,

But her contempt lives on instead

Having poisoned Osborne’s head.

So I’ll paraphrase something

Linton Kweli Johnson used to sing;

‘Inna Inglan it dread’

Ask yourself, why sign up for all that?

When we can take a different tack?

But only if we vote Yes for Scotland


Vote Yes for Scotland

Or make us a laughing stock

Among the European block,

Ireland, Malta, Denmark, Iceland,

All survive without England

But no, we need David Cameron,

The bawfaced devil spawn.

He who’s feart of a debate,

But at this rate,

As the polling data turns

He’ll have to capitulate,

By then it’ll be too little too late.

David Hume, Robert Burns

Walter Scott, were monoliths all,

Examples we needn’t think small.

But the future’s our only call,

It’s our turn to stand tall

And vote Yes for Scotland


Vote Yes for Scotland

Now, take Johann Lamont,

Is she really a leader you’d want?

Compare her to Nicola Sturgeon

With the mind of a surgeon,

One a compulsive liar

The other an intellectual, a trier.

Oh, wait, you despise Alex Salmond?

What can’t you withstand?

Is it his confident disposition?

Or his erudite articulation?

I’d say it’s your faulty intuition

Influenced by Unionist derision.

Does he make you feel inadequate?

Seeing his pride and benevolence

In the name of Scottish independence?

Good, if only you could learn from it

And vote Yes for Scotland


Vote Yes For Scotland

Now, what’s that argument?

Try a different way

By staying in the UK.

As a socialist experiment,

To our own detriment,

Hoping, suffering in vain

True Labour will rise again.

It’s a dire state they’re in

Being reduced to Tory spin,

Throwing their heritage in the bin,

And we’ve to take this on the chin

For the sake of Great Britain?

There’s only one way we can win,

And it’s just one thing to remember:

On the eighteenth of September

To vote Yes for Scotland


Vote Yes for Scotland

As it’s our only chance

To remove all doubt, regret

A No vote may beset.

We should never forget

The years of neglect

Under Thatcher’s direct,

Today’s Tories disconnect,

The general lack of respect

By those we didn’t even elect.

It’s not some petty romanticism,

Or a xenophobic nationalism

That enriches our motivation

To be our own nation,

It’s about our only chance

To vote Yes for Scotland

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