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It’s about time we asked why and how the media and reality TV demonise “scroungers”.

If you use any form of social media you may have noticed that there’s been a divisive reaction to the recent airing of a reality documentary, called ‘Benefits Street’, on Channel 4 in the UK. There have been two stock … Continue reading

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You want rid of Katie Hopkins and her ilk? Ignore them.

Setting up petitions against Celebrity Culture’s worse facets won’t change it. Ignoring it will. Sad and bewildering as the Clutha pub tragedy was, once again the part that social media played in developing the reaction to its aftermath, was, shall we … Continue reading

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Banshee is misogynistic, shallow and preposterous – so why did I watch all of season one?

Quick disclaimer: I’ll try to avoid spoilers as best I can, but if you haven’t seen the first series, perhaps it would be best to avoid reading on. The first series of Banshee had aired before I’d even heard about … Continue reading

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