Scotland’s Lament

This is Scotland’s lament

On the 18th of September

Hope pitched its tent,

In George Square

Thousands went there

Hoping for fanfare,

Only to meet a nightmare

When Clackmannanshire went

Now all we’ll remember,

Is Yes’s fading ember

During the cold of December

In Scotland’s winter of discontent


This is Scotland’s lament

So all youse who voted No,

How did you think it would go?

You still claim you don’t know

The ‘vow’ was clearly a show

Yet with condescending bullshit

You’ll tell us Yays to get over it

Well, by taking their bait

You handed over our fate,

Our voices lost in a conflate

Among the hysterically irate

Who espouse nothing but hate

And they’ll vote to dictate

What is, and isn’t, a British trait

Now, was it a sense of loyalty?

For a flag? For its royalty?

An archaic sense of empire?

Or to resurrect the UK’s political mire?

Yes lost, so I shouldn’t mock,

Maybe you bought that Lefty talk?

Of a borderless solidarity

As some sort of socialist charity

Now let’s get some clarity;

Trying to save NuLabour is insanity,

The Ed’s lost in their own vanity,

Right wing policies rooted in calamity

Yes, some No’s wanted more powers

Be it Devo max or federalism,

Both are second rate mechanisms

That’ll perverse your idealisms,

In the vanity of imperialism

And its phony tradition of dependence

Just gee’us anything but independence,

Or a government that is ours

Maybe you won’t feel betrayed?

That a debt won’t be paid?

Is your conscience lacking?

Or perhaps you hate backtracking?

Well I hope you’re tracking

Where they’re franking,

That instead of better welfare

We’ll get more warfare,

How we’re now paying rent

Just to house their trident,

We could’ve used North Sea oil

In bringing our economy to the boil,

Now to create more jobs for our own

We’ll need to ask for a loan,

It’s an obvious thing to say,

But it didn’t need to be this way

And that is Scotland’s lament


This is Scotland’s lament

Now here is a fact –

As Ed Miliband is a spineless rat,

David Cameron is a fucking twat,

And ho hum, his bum chum

Nick Clegg, is feckless scum

Here comes a Thatcher tribute act,

That there Nigel Farage

His everyman façade a mirage

Used by political paymasters

To find blame for their social disasters,

Of inequality and poverty

A self serving media, in a fawning craze

Help keep the disillusioned in a daze;

That it’s minorities, who are guilty,

And driven by xenophobia,

To destroy their English utopia

Well Nige, may all the Africans

And the ‘dirty’ ‘thieving’ Romanians

Squat on your fucking driveway

But even that won’t make him go away,

As fifty-five percent voted nay

So he has all the incentive to stay

And that’s Scotland’s indictment


This is Scotland’s lament

That we’re still joined at the hip

To a country, where a collection

Will happily vote UKIP,

Cause they’re not Labour or Tory

So, let me tell you a story

Actually, it’s more a prediction

About the 2015 general election,

And its grisly complexion

It’s basically a massive swindle

To appease those above the middle

We’ll see a race to the right,

On this ground NuLabour will fight

A Tory, LibDem UKIP alliance

Of right wing compliance

The topics; immigration,

Removing the bill of human rights,

Nurses working longer nights,

EU flight, NHS Privitisation,

Jobseekers allowance withdrawn,

Budget’s cut, and social care shorn,

And many will idly lap up this scorn

Now, isn’t it a crying shame?

We’re still part of this disdain?

In the meantime, what to vote for?

On this we can all agree:

By voting Green, SSP or SNP

It shows Scot Labour the door,

Makes UKIP and the Lib dems sore,

And puts the Tories through the floor,

It’s a start to ending Scotland’s torment


This is Scotland’s lament

It was but one chance

To add to our expanse,

That came and went

Nor should we circumvent

Their unionist contempt, spent

On making weak minds repent

Instead we’ll reinvent,

And return with stronger content

But we have to be deft

On the issues we contest

Then many more will concur,

That another indy ref should occur

It’ll happen sooner that you think,

With UK politics on the blink

So, let us not relent

For now we have the scent,

And the apparatus, to augment

A strengthening argument,

To make Scotland independent

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Wichita Lineman Was A Song I Once Heard. 'Mediocre blogger and a piously boring and unfunny writer'. Enthusiastic purveyor of the KLF sheep.
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