Gibberish Rhymes For Insane Times

I’ve got gibberish rhymes,

For these insane times


A green antelope

Looks forwards,

But walks backwards

Up a slope

Is this a trope?

Or are you on dope?


Is it okay to say innit?

If you eat a giblet,

On a boat, in an inlet

Are we bargaining yet?

Go on have another bet

Depression is just regret.


Do something strange,

Ask someone for change

As you squat on a driving range,

Or on a golf course,

While having a discourse

About your impending divorce


Why not buy a subway footlong?

You know why it’s shaped oblong?

So you can shove it up yer arse

But you better make its filling sparse,

Or you’ll sing a high pitched song

About not being able to wear a thong


Have you been to Scarborough fair?

It’s just like anywhere

Plastic bags in trees,

That apathetic disease,

Spreads on a breeze

To Stockton-on-tees


The world’s our dust bin,

Existing inside a biscuit tin

Resting on a fat man’s chin

It’s our psychotic twin

That cuts up credit cards,

Sharp like glass shards


Where else? On the telly

Some Yank blew his brains away,

While I listened to Krautrock

It was quite a shock,

That the sight of blood spray

Is better to Can’s strings of jelly


Then some old has been

Claimed it was his dream

To proliferate a scene

Like filling water with chlorine

Just need to think of a theme,

You know what I mean?


Nope. So are you alone?

Like that potato scone

You left in a cool throne

Launched a drone,

That left the others to bemoan

Shattered skin and bone


That made front page news,

Designed by Palestinian Jews

Putin’s got a Ukrainian muse,

I got me some UKIP views

‘bout the cause of their ascent:

Too thick, like Arnie’s accent


I looked, didn’t even try,

At a woman walking by

In a leather jacket and pink heels,

While her spare tyre squeals

It’ll give everyone ideals

About buying kids happy meals


Ahh Children, the future they say,

Finding wasteland, again today

Set all the books on fire,

As light entertainment is dire

Surely there’s a man you can hire,

To commit suicide with chicken wire?


Yes, these are insane times

So are these gibberish rhymes?

About Wichita Lineman Was A Song I Once Heard

Wichita Lineman Was A Song I Once Heard. 'Mediocre blogger and a piously boring and unfunny writer'. Enthusiastic purveyor of the KLF sheep.
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