Song Of The Day – The Best Songs Of 2022

It occurred to me that I should rename this column my favourite songs of the year, rather than the best songs of the year. Until I realised my stupidity as the distinction is irrelevant, this is my blog, of course it’s my opinion and only my opinion. That’s one of the issues with doing a yearly roundup, in my case you forget what the yearly columns are called and have to go and check last year’s. Another is that I’ve been naming it this way for nigh on ten years now, we’re too far down the road to change course.

I committed a wee pratfall with my best releases of 2022 column. I published it with only nine releases instead of ten. Out of habit I transport my columns from a Word document due to the dreadfully restrictive interface of the WordPress editor. The paragraph for Death Is Not The End’s Pause For The Cause releases just happened to be located in and around the page break in Word and I forgot to copy that bit over. At least I spotted it and rectified the mistake.

Hopefully all youse cunts had a Merry Christmas and the New Year treats you well. Big up to those on strike. Bring down the government before the laws ensuring equal pay for women, paid sick leave and statutory annual leave are scrapped by the end of 2023. Again, a big fuck you to anyone who voted for Brexit. You mugs. This is supposed to a column that exudes the positivity of quality, so enough with the boring political ranting and onto the list. As per usual these songs are presented in alphabetical order, with Bandcamp links where possible. YouTube’s unusable now with the frequency of its adverts, yet another thing destroyed by greed.

If I had to pick a favourite here it would be the Soft Pink Truth’s beautiful deep house cut Deeper Than This (Dark Room mix). SnP 500’s Dus is a close second as it’s a ciggie paper away from being some Basic Channel level business, but I assure you these are all nice.

Catch you in 2023 homies.

Afrorack – Osc

From the album ‘The Afrorack’

CITIES AVIV – Smoking On A Brighter Day

From the album ‘Man Plays The Horn’

Fort Romeau – Spotlights

From the album ‘Beings Of Light’

Jack J – Closing The Door

From the album ‘Opening The Door’

Jamal Moss – Erotic Abuse

From the EP ‘Thanks 4 The Tracks U Lost’

Plastikman & Chilly Gonzalez – Consumed (In Key)

From the album ‘Consumed In Key’

SnP 500 – Dus

From the EP ‘Honeydoo’

Saada Bonaire – So Many Dreams (NYC Classic Edit)

From the album ‘1992’

The Soft Pink Truth – Deeper Than This (Dark Room mix)

From the EP ‘Was It Ever Real?’

Working Men’s Club – Ploys

From the album ‘Fear Fear’

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