Finally. The dungeon’s complete. And like any good dungeon owned by sadomasochist I’m using part of it as a gymnasium. ‘The House Of Pain’ , but really it should be ‘The House Of Pain and Buckets Of Sweat’. When you have a loft that’s been insulated to the nth degree (thanks modern planning standards) and has several large velux windaes (as you’ll see), during the summer it’s like an oven , especially when the sun’s out.

But thankfully these windaes open! Plus I got other stuff out of it other than self-imposed toil and suffering; a spare bedroom, shrunken to accommodate the stairway to dungeon, is now a perfect man cave size, and an en-suite added to the upstairs bedroom. After years of having to open two doors to go to the lavvy, I now need only open one, and I don’t even feel guilty about leaving it open! What luxury fams!

Which begs the question, was it worth it? Cynically it’s improved the value of the place by 50% (assuming Brexit doesn’t tank the fuck out of the housing market, just you watch, it will) but that was never the primary motivation. I’m a huge advocate of Sarah Beeny and her renovate don’t relocate mantra. The current planning laws are so intricate and voluminous, and the process so arduously protracted that most don’t bother to investigate what’s possible. However, I consider moving to be a far more exasperating experience than waiting months on end for approval.

Plus, Knightswood is a quiet area and the neighbours are sound, maybe they’ll feel the same now that now that the work’s finished?

Anyway, enough rambling, the photos and videos below show the work at various stages, in chronological order. And yeah, I know, these were taken when there was still a bit of touching up left to do and pictures to be hung up. Uploading all of these pics and vids took ages, so I’m not doing it again. Plus, I need to focus my energies on being like Yosser Hughes, thanks Covid-19 ya dirty wee bastart! Good luck to all of the rest of you furloughees who’ve also recently been dumped on the scrapheap.

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And the finished product:

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