Song Of The Day – The Best Songs Of 2017

Howdy! So, that’s 2017 nearly over, and, given my Christmas was pure misery thanks to being bed ridden with the flu for nearly all of it, good riddance to them both. Speaking of hoping for better, here’s the best songs of 2017, as per moi. Sure, there are more extensive and thorough end of year lists out there, but you’re here now, somehow, so why not stick around and listen to some boss tunes?

As with the best albums of 2017 list from last week it arrives alphabetically. There is some reissued stuff in here too, which isn’t technically from 2017, but, well, my sense of smell is all out of whack thanks to a headache that nags like toothache, it’s proper jarg, and I simply don’t care anymore. Okay?

Black Hanz – The Moonlandingz

From the album ‘Interplanetary Class Classics’

Black Screen – LCD Soundsystem

From the album ‘American Dream’

Country Figs – Alex Cameron

From the album ‘Forced Witness’

Drayton Manored – Sleaford Mods

From the album ‘English Tapas’

FEAR. – Kendrick Lamar

From the album ‘DAMN.’

Fourth Molar – Zimpel-Ziolek

From the album ‘Zimpel-Ziolek’

I Don’t Have To Cry – Maryn E. Coote

From the album ‘Maskeraad’ (Reissue)

I Look Like I Look In A Tinfoil Mirror – Call Super

From the album ‘Arpo’

Jona – DB1

From the album ‘Zwischemwelt’

Moontalk – Laurel Halo

From the album ‘Dust’

Mr Henri Rousseau’s Dream – Midori Takada

From the album ‘Through The Looking Glass’ (Reissue)

Oh Rama – Alice Coltrane

From the album ‘World Spirituality Classics 1: The Ecstatic Music Of Alice Coltrane Turiyasangitananda’ (Reissue)

Out The Way – Nadine Shah

From the album ‘Holiday Destination’

Pills – St. Vincent

From the album ‘Masseduction’

Republic – Shinichi Atobe

From the album ‘From The Heart, It’s a Start, A Work Of Art’ (Reissue)

Rogue Soul – Overlook

From the album ‘Smoke Signals’

Sheer Chance Matters – Preverelist

From the album ‘Tessellations’

Terrazzo – Visible Cloaks (Featuring Motion Graphics)

From the album ‘Reassemblage’

To The Moon & Back – Fever Ray

From the album ‘Plunge’

Touch Absence – Lanark Artefax

From the EP ‘Whities 011’

You Hedonic – Lee Gamble

From the album ‘Mnestic Pressure’

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