Song Of The Day – The Best Songs Of 2016

Well friends, brace yourselves, we’ve just about reached the end of 2016. A year which became infamous for numerous famous deaths and inexplicable Black Mirrorish events. George Michael’s sudden passing makes me wonder if any of the following efforts I’ve selected will be as timeless or culturally pervasive as some of his solo hits or the stuff he did with Wham. Who knows? Probably not, strange as it may be to say there’s just too much culture, access, and therefore choice, for an all-encompassing artistic phenomenon to embed itself within mainstream culture as firmly as it used to. What I do know is I like all the songs on my list, which, in such matters, is all that really matters, innit?

This list arrives in alphabetical order, that said ‘Siegfried’ by Frank Ocean is my favourite. I was tempted to put more of Blond’s songs on the list, but more than three seemed excessive. And yeah, even in this advanced technological age, I, we, still need to be cognisant of saving bandwidth wherever possible. Mediocre broadband infrastructure, just another shitty legacy of Thatcherism.

But I’m not going to sign off on a sour note – there’s been enough of that to go around this year. I hope you all had a nice, relaxing (wherever possible) Christmas and you enjoy a good bevvy at New Year. Let’s see if 2017 can be prosperous for more of us than 2016 was? We can only hope.

Alexandria – Fly

From the EP ‘Promise’

Alex Cameron – Happy Ending

From the album ‘Jumping The Shark’

Alex Cameron – The Comeback

From the album ‘Jumping The Shark’

Andras – Hard Working Man

From the EP ‘House Of Dad’

Anohni – 4 Degrees

From the album ‘Hopelessness’

Bon Iver – 00000 Million

From the album ’22, A Million’

Buddy Love – Party Language

From the album ‘Mango Peach’

Convextion – Exploration

From the album ‘2845’

David Bowie – Lazarus

From the album ‘Blackstar’

Demdike Stare – Animal Style

From the album ‘Wonderland’

Fat White Family – Hits Hits Hits

From the album ‘Songs For Our Mothers’

Frank Ocean – Self-Control

From the album ‘Blond’

Frank Ocean – Seigfried

From the album ‘Blond’

Frank Ocean – White Ferrari

From the album ‘Blond’

Gold Panda – In My Car

From the album ‘Good Luck And Do Your Best’

Grumbling Fur – Acid Ali Khan

From the album ‘Furfour’

Grumbling Fur – Suneaters

From the album ‘Furfour’

Harvey Sutherland and Bermuda – Priestess

From the EP ‘Priestess/Bravado’

James Blake – I Need A Forest Fire (Featuring Bon Iver)

From the album ‘The Colour In Anything’

Jessy Lanza – Begins

From the album ‘Oh No’

Jessy Lanza – I Talk BB

From the album ‘Oh No’

Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein – Stranger Things Main Theme

From the album ‘Stranger Things Offical Soundtrack: Volume 1’

Machete Savane – Manticore (Johnny Nash Remix)

From the EP ‘Manticore’

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Jesus Alone

From the album ‘Skeleton Tree’

Nicolas Jaar – Three Sides Of Nazareth

From the album ‘Sirens’

Mr Fingers – Aether

From the EP ‘Outer Acid’

PJ Harvey – The Wheel

From the album ‘The Hope Six Demolition Project’

Porter Ricks – Bay Rouge

From the EP ‘Shadow Boat’

Radiohead – The Numbers

From the album ‘A Moon Shaped Pool’

Roy Of The Ravers – Emotinium (Roy Of The Ravers Secret Mix)

From the EP ‘2 LATE 4 LOVE’

Skepta – Lyrics (Featuring Novelist)

From the album ‘Konnichiwa’

Skepta – Man (Gang)

From the album ‘Konnichiwa’

Suzanne Kraft – Skype

From the EP ‘DJ-Safety’

TM404 – Sapto

From the album ‘Acidub’

The Wedding Present – Santa Monica

From the album ‘Going, Going…’

Willow – Untitled (B1)

From the EP ‘Workshop 23’

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