The miserable truth behind Sky’s coverage of ‘Transfer Deadline Day’.

Yes, we’re fast approaching another Transfer Deadline Day. Sky’s ghastly cynical concoction of vainglorious gluttony, sold on pure hype and the desperation and exasperation of football fans everywhere. Even though this was originally written for the end of last summer’s shenanigans, pretty much all of it still applies for the January window. Over to you Jimbo…

Wichita Lineman Was A Song I Once Heard

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With each passing year Sky’s coverage of ‘Transfer Deadline Day’ seems to get bigger, more preposterous and above all peculiar. Peculiar in that ‘Transfer Deadline Day’ is now marketed and sold as its own event. That in itself is alarming, as it’s very hard to reconcile the basic premise of what ‘Transfer Deadline Day’ is with its artificial new reality. The reality is a twenty-four hour sports news channel has proliferated something which asks you to watch footballers and their agents, over a period of several hours, arrive at a training ground, mill around inside and then exit in a black windowed Range Rover. All of this is shot from a distance outside of the boundaries of said training ground – so you see very little – while a collection of ghastly second rate journalists, all likely to be BBC rejects, talk uninformed nonsense to fill the time over said…

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